Private Practice

Private Practice

The process of changing career directions takes three things: a willingness to look at yourself with fresh eyes; a direction to travel in; and, the enthusiasm to take action.

People who come to see me are often ready to make a change and may beĀ  unclear about what they want.

Some folks are clear about where they want to get to and may be unclear about how to get there.

Some of my clients are unsatisfied with how things are now and know only that they want them to be different.

I also work with clients who have experienced work place trauma and are getting ready to return to the work place.

All of the people I work with are committed to making change to create more satisfaction in their work lives.

I also work with therapists who need some additional information about careers and the labour market for existing clients. Often I will work directly with the client and therapist to start the conversation about what is possible and plausible for a particular career path. This work can include consultation with the therapist alone or with the therapist and their client.

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